JK Tyre Racing Championship

The first event of 2015 JK Tyre Racing Championship – JK Racing India Series have seen our Formula BMW racing cars on track at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore (India). A great start for the annual racing rounds organized by JK Tyre, where many indian young drivers have the chance to meet the motorsport world and to drive different kind of cars. In this first event in Coimbatore, the first victories gone to Sailesh Bolisetti (Race 1), Vishnu Prasad (Race 2) and Akhil Rabindra (Race 3); good performance also by eighteen italian driver, Costantino Peroni, who finished 3rd in Race 3.

The second 2015 JK Tyre Racing Championship – JK Racing India Series event will take place again in Coimbatore at Kari Motor Speedway from 4 to 6 September.

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