Ferrari 333 SP

Eurointernational Group is a worldwide racing organization with branches in Italy and US, featuring state of the art racing facilities, transportation, support vehicles, management, engineers and technicians to provide intensive services to its different fleet of race cars.

In its history, Eurointernational Group has won fortyfour championship titles (19 as Team and 25 as Driver) between United States and Europe. With a total of over 800 races, our team is among the elite racing organizations around the world.

Eurointernational Group is also exploring new series worldwide for expanding its racing and marketing plan. In the modern racing world, it is necessary to plan in advance with long-term plans and investments. “Now we are pleased to have completed our racing organization by being able to bring a driver from karting to the most famous motorsport series in winning steps – said owner Antonio Ferrari – The opportunities that branch off from our programs are boundless and address all drivers and sponsor needs.

Summary update on December 31, 2023: Total 870 races (238 with 1 car, 425 with 2 cars ,79 with 3 cars Team, 31 with 4 cars Team, 13 with 5 cars, 6 with 6 cars Team,1 with 8 cars Team, 4 with 10 cars, 73 with 12 cars).

  1. First: 247
  2. Second: 215
  3. Third: 173

Podium: 635
Poles: 231
Fourth: 131
Fifth: 133
Sixth: 126
Others Points Finish Positions: 420
First 500 races/111 wins: 22.2%
500 races/112 poles: 22.4%
500 races/158 podium: 31.6%
270 time top 3 in 500 races: 54%
413 time top 6 in 500 races: 82.6%

1090 cars run in first 500 races on 23 years

44 championships titles (19 teams, 25 drivers)

Championship Team Titles: 19 – IMSA (2), USF3 (2), FR2000 NA, FRV6 Eurocup, FBMWUSA/Americas (4), FBMW Europe, FJKRAS (2), CISP (2), ELMS LMP3, Ultimate Ligier P4 Challenge, Asian Le Mans Series (LMP2-Am), Ligier European Series.

Championship Driver Titles: 25 – USF3 (2), FR2000 NA, FRV6 Eurocup, FBMWUSA/Americas (4), FBMW Americas Rookie Cup, FBMW Europe, FBMW Europe Rookie Cup, F3 Italia Rookie Cup, FPC Asian Drivers, JKRAS Rookie Cup (2), FJKRAS Overall (2), CISP Overall (2) and CN2 (2), ELMS Lmp3, Ultimate Ligier P4 Challenge, Asian Le Mans Series (LMP2-Am), Ligier European Series.

Formula BMW World Final Team & Driver Titles: 1

Formula BMW Europe Rookie Cup 2010: 1

Formula BMW Americas Rookie Cup 2009: 1

F3 Italia Rookie Cup 2010: 1

FJKRAS Rookie Cup 2011: 2

Formula Pilota China Asian Drivers Cup 2011: 1

Total Formula BMW races won (2005-2010): 65 in 136 races competed: 47% wins.
Total Formula BMW podium (2005-2010): 81in136 races competed with 60 poles.

Total Formula JKRAS (2011): 7 wins, 11 podium in 18 races with 8 poles.
Total Formula JKRAS (2012): 12 wins, 22 podium in 16 races with 7 poles

Total Formula BMW and FJKRAS races won (2005-2012): 84 in 170 races: 49.4%
Total Formula BMW and FJKRAS podium ( 2005-2012): 114 in 170 races with 75 poles.

The only Team ever won ALL FBMW Championships in Europe, USA, Asia (JKRAS) and World Final in the Team, Overall and Rookie Cup standings

Winter Series Team Titles: 2 Fran-Am 2000, FR2000 NA

Macau GP FBMW Pacific 2009: P1, P2, P4 & Pole Macau GP FBMW Pacific 2010: P1, P2, P3, P4 & Pole

2013 Formula Middle East Management in Bahrain

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Formula JK Tyre India Championship in India with 12 Formula BMW, 12 Euro JK16 , 12 Euro JK17 cars and 12 Euro JK18 cars.

2019 X1Racing League in India with 12 Euro, 19 cars.

2002 – Eurocup Formula Renault Championship. Eurointernational Srl
Formula Renault 2000. Drivers John C. Antonino, Nicky Pastorelli: 5th F.R enault 2.000 Winter Series.

2001 – USF3 Championship. Euro International Inc.
TEAM and DRIVER CHAMPION with Luciano Gomide (7 wins), Dallara F300
Rookie of the Year and second in the Championship with John C. Antonino (1 win)
Eurointernational won all races of the season with six first-second finish position.

2000 – USF3 Championship. Euro International Inc.
TEAM and DRIVER CHAMPION with Luciano Gomide (7 wins), Dallara F300: All races won.

1999 – IRL, Indianapolis 500: Driver Davy Jones. Euro International Inc.

1998 – IRL, Indianapolis 500.Euro International Inc. Driver Mike Groff

1997 – IRL, Indianapolis 500.Euro International Inc.
100th IndyCar race at Indy 500 with Billy Roe and Dallara IR7

1996 – IMSA with factory Osella PA20 Imsa. Team Osella USA
Drivers: F.Mancini, G.Taverna, G.Tibaldo, L. Drudi.

1995 – IMSA and Le Mans 24 Hours with one Ferrari 333 SP. Euromotorsport Racing
2nd Daytona 24H with F.Barbazza, M.Sigala, G.Brancatelli, E.Julian. Manufacturer IMSA CHAMPION.
Retired at Le Mans 24H when 3rd, with R.Arnoux, J.Cochran, M.Sigala.

1994 – IMSA with two Ferrari 333 SP and CART Championship with two cars.Euromotorsport Racing
Debut win at Road Atlanta with Ferrari 333 SP and Jay Cochran at the 100th race of the Team
Run a second factory Ferrari 333 SP with Mauro Baldi. Manufacturer IMSA CHAMPION.
CART Championship with A.Zampedri, D.Kudrave, J.Andretti, G.Lavaggi, F.Freon, J.Wood.

1993 – CART Championship with two cars.Team owns two CART’s franchises. Euromotorsport R.
4th at Detroit GP with Andrea Montermini who finished second in the Rookie standing.
8th at Phoenix and 12th at Michigan 500 with David Kudrave, 11th at Elkhart Lake with Christian Danner and 15th at Indy 500 with Davy Jones.

1992 – CART Championship with two cars. Team owns two CART’s franchises. Euromotorsport R.
Drivers Jovy Marcelo, Christian Danner, Jeff Wood.

1991 – CART Championship with two cars. Team owns one CART’s franchise. Euromotorsport Racing.
Fastest rookie qualifier at Indy 500 with Mike Groff. Nicola Marozzo won A.I.S. race at Los Angeles G.P, Johnny Unser finished third.

1990 – CART Championship with two cars. Team owns one CART’s franchise. Euromotorsport Racing
Mike Groff finished second in the Rookie of the Year standing with several points positions.

1989 – CART Championship with 2 cars. 7th at Indy 500 with Davy Jones. Euromotorsport Racing.

2007 – World Series by Renault: Celso Miguez (5th & 7th Monza)

F.BMW USA: Daniel Morad (1st & 2nd Miller, 1st & 1st Montreal, 1st & 2nd Indianapolis, 1st & 7th Lime Rock, 2nd San Jose’, 3rd Road America, 1st & 4th Mosport, 3 Poles, 5 Fastest laps):CHAMPION. Sebastian Saavedra (1st and 2nd Lime Rock, 2nd & 3rd Montreal, 5th & 9th Indianapolis, 6th Miller, 2 Fastest Laps), Yannick Hofman (4th and 6th Montreal, 10th and 10th Indianapolis, 7th Lime Rock, 5th San Jose’, 3rd & 7th Mosport), Adrien Tambay (5th Indianapolis, 2nd and 3rd Road America, 1 Fastest Lap):TEAM CHAMPION.
Formula BMW World Final Valencia: Daniel Morad (win 2 heats, 3rd 1 heat, Adrien Tambay (2nd 1 heat), Alexander Rossi (7th 1 heat).

2006 – World Series by Renault: Enrico Toccacelo (8th & 9th Zolder, Fastest race lap Istanbul & Misano).
Pascal Kochem (11th & 12th Zolder),Carlos Iaconelli (Misano, Spa), Jason Tahinci (Istanbul), Mehdi Bennani (Monaco, Le Mans), Milos Pavlovic (Nurburgring 4th, Pole & Fastest race lap Spa), Marcos Martinez (Nurburgring, Donington, Le Mans), Richard Keen (Donington), Alberto Valerio (Barcelona), Nil Montserrat (Barcelona).
Formula BMW USA: Simona De Silvestro (1st Lime Rock), David Garza Jr.(3rd Mid-Ohio, San Jose’, 2 Poles), Stefano Coletti(1st & 1st Montreal , 1st & 2nd Indianapolis, 2 poles), Robert Wickens (1st Mid Ohio, Indianapolis, San Jose’, 3 Poles): TEAM CHAMPION. Robert Wickens: CHAMPION, Simona De Silvestro 4th, Stefano Coletti 5th, David Garza 9th. Formula BMW World Final Valencia: Stefano Coletti 3rd, Robert Wickens 8th

2005 – World Series by Renault: Giorgio Mondini 6th Valencia, Fabio Carbone 7th Donington
Matteo Meneghello 8th Monza, Fabio Carbone 9th Doninghton and 10th Estoril.
Formula BMW USA: Edoardo Piscopo 5th in the Championship missing first two races: 1st Barber, Denver, Road Atlanta 2nd Mid-Ohio, 3rd Road Atlanta, 4th Denver, 5th Indianapolis:1 Pole. Formula BMW, Bahrain World Final: Edoardo Piscopo 5th with Pole group 2.

2004 – Eurocup Formula Renault V6: Drivers Giorgio Mondini and Stefano Proetto: TEAM CHAMPION.
Mondini: First Magny-Cours (2),Imola, 2nd Monza, Spa and Oschersleben, 3rd Brno, Dubai 4th Spa, Imola, Montecarlo, Valencia, Donington, Dubai, 9th Donington, 3 Poles: CHAMPION.
Proetto: 2nd Brno, 3rd Magny-Cours, 4th Monza, 7th Brno, Donington, Spa, 9th Oscherleben;12th.
FR 2000 Winter Invitational USA: Giorgio Mondini, Juan Martin Ponte, Ricardo Imery
Championship: 2nd Ponte, 10th Imery. TEAM CHAMPION.
FR 2000 North American Championship: Juan Martin Ponte, Ricardo Imery: TEAM CHAMPION.
Ponte: 1st Phoenix, W.Glen, Mid Ohio, 3rd Toronto and Trois Rivers, 2 Poles: DRIVER CHAMPION.
Imery: 2nd W.Glen, 4th Phoenix and Mt. Tremblant, 5th Toronto, 6th Mid Ohio: 5th in Championship.

2003 – Eurocup Formula Renault V6: Drivers Giorgio Mondini and Can Artam: Eurointernational Srl
Chiampionship: Giorgio Mondini 7th Monza, 4th, Spa, Monza 5th, Anderstorp, Spa, Oschersleben 7th.
Fran Am 2000 North American Pro Championship: Drivers Martin Ponte, Can Artam, Luciano Gomide, Andre Prioste : Euro International Inc.
Chiampionship: Martin Ponte 7th, missing last 3 of 13 races. 3 poles. Mt.Tremblant 2nd, Montreal, Vancouver 3rd, Phoenix, Toronto 4th, W.Glen 5th, Birmingham 6th.
Fran Am FR 2000 World Championship Winter Series USA. TEAM CHAMPION.
Championship: 2nd Martin Ponte, 5th Giorgio Mondini
Martin Ponte: 2 Wins (Sebring, Miami), 4 Poles, 4th Miami. Euro International Inc.
Giorgio Mondini: 2nd Miami (2 races), 5th Sebring. Eurointernational Srl

2010 – F.BMW Europe: Carlos Sainz Jr. (8th & 6th Monza, 3rd & 6th Barcelona, 2nd & 5th and fastest race lap, Zandvoort, 7th & 10th, Valencia 2 Poles, fastest lap 3rd & 1st, Silverstone, 11th & 6th Hockenheim, 4th & 3rd Hungaroring): ROOKIE CHAMPION Daniil Kvyat (2nd Monza, 6th & 5th Spa, 9th & 10th Barcelona, 11th Zandvoort, 8th Valencia, 14th & 11th Silverstone, 5th & 4th Hockenheim, 6th Hungaroring ) Michael Lewis (5th Monza, 11th Spa, 14th & 8th Barcelona, 9th & 10th Zandvoort, 9th & 15th Valencia, 10th & 9th Silverstone, 14th & 11th Hockenheim, 15th & 11th Hungaroring)

2010 – F.BMW Pacific: Carlos Sainz Jr. (1st & Pole Macau, 6th, 2nd 2 Fastest race laps Singapore, 2nd & 4th Sepang F1, 1st and 1st and 2 Pole Sepang Afos), Daniil Kvyat (1st & 2 Poles Singapore, 5th Sepang F1, 1st and 1st and 2nd and 3rd , 2 Pole Sepang Afos), Michael Lewis (5th & 6th Sepang F1, 2nd and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd and 2 fastest race laps Sepang Afos), Dustin Sofyan (4th Macau, 5th & Pole Okayama), Tomoki Nojiri (2nd Macau), Tom Blomqvist (3rd and Fastest race lap Macau).

2010 – F3 Italia: Gabby Chaves (7th Monza, 5th & 7th Mugello, 15th & 4th Vallelunga, 9th & 10th Varano, 8th & 13th Misano, 6th and Pole Hockenheim, 12th &11th Imola, 7th & 7th Mugello): ROOKIE CUP CHAMPION.

2009 – F.BMW Americas: Gabby Chaves (1st & 1st, 2 Poles Puebla,2nd & 2nd VIR, 2nd & 3rd & 2nd VIR, 1st & 2nd, Pole Lime Rock, 2nd, 1st & 1st Road America,2nd & 2nd Mosport): CHAMPION ,Giancarlo Vilarinho (2nd Puebla, 1st & 1st, 2 Poles VIR, 1st & 1st & 1st, 3 Poles Miller, 8th & 5th Lime Rock, 1st, 3 Poles Road America 3rd & 1st,Pole Mosport), Michael Lewis (4th & 8th Puebla, 5th VIR, 4th & 2nd & 4th Miller, 6th Lime Rock, 6th, 3rd & 3rd Road America, 5th & 4th Mosport): ROOKIE CHAMPION,Daniel Vela (5th & 5th Puebla, 7th & 9th Miller, 4th & 7th Lime Rock, 8th & 6th Road America, 7th & 8th Mosport),Wilson Philippe (10th & 9th Puebla, 7th & 9th VIR, 12th & 9th & 8th Miller, 8th Lime Rock, 10th, 8th & 6th Road America, 9th & 8th Mosport), Olivier Lombard (4th & 5th Road America).TEAM CHAMPION

2009 – F.BMW Europe: Felipe Nasr (2nd & 1st, 2 Poles Barcelona, 1st & 2nd Zandvoort, 8th & 8th 2 Poles Silverstone, 2nd and 1st 2 Poles Nurburgring, 2nd & 1st Hungaroring, 2nd & 2nd Valencia, 2nd & 2nd,2 Poles Spa, 2nd & 1st Monza):CHAMPION Daniel Juncadella (5th & 3rd Barcelona,3rd & 3rd Zandvoort, 7th & 7th Silverstone, 8th & 4th Nurburgring, 5th & 3rd Hungaroring, 5th & 4th Valencia, 6th and 3rd Spa, 1st & 2nd Monza ), Olivier Lombard (15th & 6th Zandvoort,13th & 7th Nurburgring, 8th Valencia, 9th Spa, 5th Monza). TEAM CHAMPION.

2009 – F.BMW Pacific: Felipe Nasr (1st & 1st, 2 Poles Singapore), Facu Regalia (1st & 1st, 2 Poles Okayama), James Kovacic (3rd & 3rd Singapore,7th & 3rd Okayama), Michael Lewis (12th & 2nd Singapore, 4th Okayama), William Buller (1st & Pole Macau), Jim Pla (2nd Macau): Won ALL 5 competed races, with 5 Poles and 5 fastest race laps.

2008 – Champ Car Atlantic: Daniel Morad (6th Long Beach, 9th Laguna Seca, 8th Edmonton, 10th Road America, 6th Trois Riviers), Luis Schiavo (10th Road America, 7th Road Atlanta)

2008 – F.BMW Europe: Daniel Juncadella (2nd & 3rd Barcelona, 2nd & 6th with Double Poles Zolder, 7th & 8th Silverstone, 4th & 6th Hockenheim, 1st & 1st with Double Pole Hungaroring, 5 Valencia, 7th & 10th Spa), Facundo Regalia (9th Hungaroring, 6th & 7th Valencia), Alexander Rossi (10th Hockenheim)

2008 – F.BMW Americas: Alexander Rossi (1st & 3rd Montreal, 2nd & Pole Laguna Seca, 1st & 1st, 2 Poles Mid-Ohio, Pole 1st & 5th Pole Lime Rock, 1st & 1st, 2 Poles Road America,1st & 1st, 2 Poles Thunderbolt, 1st & 1st Interlagos, 2 Poles): CHAMPION, Ricardo Favoretto (Pole and 1st Montreal, 2nd & Pole Laguna Seca, 2nd & 2nd Mid Ohio, Pole 1st & 2nd Lime Rock), Giancarlo Vilarinho (2nd and 6th Montreal, 5th Laguna Seca, 3rd Mid Ohio, 5th Road America, 2nd & 3rd Thunderbolt, 4th Interlagos), David Ostella (3rd Montreal, 5th Lime Rock, 7th Road America, 4th & 7th Thunderbolt, 8th Interlagos), Daniel Juncadella (1st Lime Rock, 2nd & 2nd Interlagos), Adrien Tambay (1st, 2nd, 2nd Road America):TEAM CHAMPION.

2008 – F.BMW World Final: Alexander Rossi, CHAMPION, Daniel Juncadella (4th, Pole), William Buller (9th): TEAM CHAMPION.

2008 – Superleague Formula: Corinthians, Brazil (11th & 12th Donigton, 7th & 10th Nurburgring, 4th & 4th Estoril, 4th Vallelunga, 2nd & 2nd Jerez ) and Atletico Madrid, Spain (9th Nurburgring, 5th & 13th Zolder, 6th Estoril, 12th Vallelunga).

2013 – FIA F3 European Championship: Tom Blomqvist (Monza: P13, P3, P10 – Silverstone: P10, P5, P14 Silverstone, P3, P3, P9 Hockenheim, P6, P6, P5 Brands Hatch, DNF, P8, DNF, Red Bull Ring, P5, P8, P4 Norisring, P13, P12, P22 Nurburgring, P9, P8, P8 Zandvoort, P12, P12, P14 Vallelunga, P10,P12,P4 Hockenheim)

2013 – ATS Formel 3 Cup: Aston Hare (DNF, DNF, P7 Oschersleben); Nabil Jeffri (P9, P10, P9 Oschersleben, P7, P7, DNF Spa, P17, P8, Nurburgring, DNF, P5, P6 ,Sachsenring, P7, P8, P9, Eurospeedway, P10,P7,P6 Nurburgring, P9, P6, P9 Eurospeedway, P6, P6, P8 Oschersleben, P6, DNF, DNS Hockenheim)

2013 – Zandvoort Masters : Tom Blomqvist (DNF, running P5)

2013 – Macau F3 GP: Stefano Coletti (DNF, running P6)

2013 – Formula JK Tyre India Championship: 4 Rounds/12 Races /12, Formula BMW cars

2013 – FMES: Emil Bernstorff (2 Pole, P1, P1, P1, P1, BIC, 2 Poles P1, P1, BIC F1 GP), Nabil Jeffri (P2, P2, P2, P2 BIC), R. Raffii (P3, P3, P3, P3 BIC), P. Varruti (P2, P2, BIC F1 GP), Michela Cerruti (P3, P3, BIC F1 GP)

2012 – ATS Formel 3 Cup: Tom Blomqvist (Pole, P3, P4, P3 Sachsenring, P3, P6, P10 Oschersleben, P2, P1, P2 Spa, 2 Poles, P1, P2, P1 Red Bull Ring, 2 Poles, P1, DNF, P1 Nurburgring), Michela Cerruti (P12, DNF, P12 Red Bull Ring, P12, P12, P10 Eurospeedway, P12, P10, P14 Nurburgring, P11, P12, P11 Hockenheim), Alon Day (DNF, P4, DNF Hockenheim)

2012 – Macau F3 GP: Tom Blomqvist (P17)

2012 – Formula JK Racing Asia Series: Aston Hare (P3, P1, P2, P1 SIC, P4, P3,Pole, FL Paul Ricard, P3, P1 Spa, P5, P1 India F1, 2 Poles, P1, P1, P1, P2, FL India Finale) OVERALL & ROOKIE CHAMPION, Nabil Jeffri (Pole, P1, P6, P1, P2 SIC, P1, P2 Paul Ricard, 2 Poles, P1, P2  Spa, P2, P2 Silverstone, Pole, P2, P8 India F1, P10, P7, P3, DNF, 3 FL India Finale), Irfan Ilyas ( P9, P3, P6, P4 SIC, P5, P4 Paul Ricard, P2, P4 Spa, P4, P4 Silverstone), Wei Ron Tan ( 6, P5, P13, P6 SIC, P3, P8 Paul Ricard, DNF, P3 Spa, P4, P7 Silverstone), Danial (P3, P5 Silverstone, P6, P3 India F1), Akhil Khuslani (P4, P7 India F1, P2, P4, P2, P4 India Finale), Aditya Patel (P4, P3, P4, P1 India Finale). TEAM CHAMPION

2011 – Formula JK Racing Asia Series: Lucas Auer (3rd & 1st, 2 Poles, fastest lap Sepang F1, 4 Poles, 4 Wins, 3 Fastest race laps Sepang Afos, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd Fastest race lap Sentul Afos, 2nd & 9th, 2 fastest lap Singapore F1, 1st & 1st, 2 Poles, 2 fastest lap India F1, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd Sepang Finale): OVERALL & ROOKIE CHAMPION, Lorenzo Camplese (2nd & 4th India F1) Calvin Seibl (10th Sepang F1, 7th Sepang Afos), Weiron Tan (6th, 4th,12th, 5th Sepang Finale):TEAM CHAMPION

2011 – Formula Abarth European Series: Dustin Sofyan (DNF, 3rd Valencia, DNF, 7th Misano, 4th & DNF Spa,12th & 4th Red Bull Ring, 9th & 4th Mugello) Samin Gomez (10th, 12th Valencia, 13th, 16th Misano), Lorenzo Camplese (15th & 3rd Spa, fastest race lap, 7th & 3rd Red Bull Ring, 5th & 1st Mugello, 4th Monza)

2011 – Formula Piloti China: Dustin Sofyan (5th, 3rd Gic, 3rd, 3rd Shanghai 1, 4th & 2nd Shanghai 2, 7th & 4th Ordos, 11th & 3rd Tianma, 4th & 3rd Sepang): ASIAN DRIVERS CHAMPION, Lucas Auer (DNF, 2nd, Fastest race lap Gic), Lorenzo Camplese (4th, 5th Shanghai, 1st & 2nd Pole Tianma), Antonio Spavone (5th & 8th Sepang)

2016 – 6 Hours of Rome :Giorgio Mondini, Andrea Dromedari, Davide Uboldi (P1)

2016 – Italian Championship Sport Prototype: Davide Uboldi (Misano P1 P1, Monza Pole P1 P1, Imola P2 Dnf, Magione P3 P2, Vallelunga P1 P2, Mugello Pole Pole P1 P2): OVERALL & CN2 CHAMPION, TEAM CHAMPION

2016 – European Le Mans Series LMP3: Giorgio Mondini, Andrea Roda, Marco Jacoboni (Silverstone Dnf, Imola P2), Giorgio Mondini, Marco Jacoboni (Red Bull Ring  Dnf, Paul Ricard  Dnf) Giorgio Mondini, Jay Palmer (Estoril  Dnf), Roman Rusinov, Andrea Dromedari, Fabio Mancini (Imola P8, Red Bull Ring P9) Andrea Dromedari, Rik Breukers (Paul Ricard P9)
Andrea Dromedari, Rik Breukers, M.Fraisca (Estoril P5)

2016 – Formula J K Tyre India Championship : 4 Rounds/12 Races /12 Euro JK16 cars

2015 – Italian Championship Sport Prototype: Giorgio Mondini (Magione: Pole, P1, P2 – Mugello: 2 Poles, P1, P1 – Imola: 2 Poles, P1. P1 – Misano Adriatico: Pole, P1, P3 – Varano De’ Melegari: Pole, P1, P1). OVERALL & CN2 CHAMPION, TEAM CHAMPION

2015 – JK Racing Asia Series: 4 Rounds/12 Races / 12 Formula BMW cars

2014 – Macau F3 GP: Stefano Coletti (P6)

2014 – Formula JK Tyre India Championship: 4 Rounds/12 Races / 12 Formula BMW cars

2014 – FIA F3 European Championship: Santino Ferrucci (Dnf, Dns, P15, Spa, P12, P5, P4, Norisring, P16, P13, P14, Moscow, Dnf, P12, P20 Red Bull Ring, P9, P17, P14 Nurburgring), Michele Beretta (Dnf, P21, P17, Silverstone, P17, Dnf, P21, Hockenheim, Dnf, P12, Dnf, Pau, Dnf, P24, P21 Hungaroring, P22, Dnf, P19 Spa, Dnf, Dnf, P19, Norisring, P20, Dnf, P15, Moscow, P22, P17, Dnf,Red Bull Ring, P21, P18, P15, Nurburgring, P17, P17, P17, Imola, Dnf, Dnf, P14 Hockenheim) Sergio Sette Camara (P14, P20, P21, Imola), Stefano Coletti (Dnf, Dnf, Dnf, Hockenheim), Riccardo Agostini (P21, P23, P22, Silverstone, Dnf, P18, P10, Hockenheim, P22, P14, Dnf, Pau)

2014 – ATS Formel 3 Cup: Santino Ferrucci (P4, P6, Dns Red Bull Ring, P5, P2, Dnf Hockenheim), Nicolas Beer (Dnf, P5, P6, Hockenheim)

2019 – Asian Le Mans Series P2 Am for RWR Team: Shanghai (Cody Ware, Mark Kvamme: P2)

2019 – European Le Mans Series : Mikkel Jensen, Jens Petersen ( Paul Ricard P2, Monza P1, Barcelona Pole, DNF-crash, Silverstone P1, Spa P1, Portimao P6): TEAM & DRIVERS CHAMPION

2019 – Ultimate Ligier P4 Challenge : Marzio Moretti, Andrea Dromedari ( Mugello Pole, P1, Valencia Pole, P1, Paul Ricard Pole, P1): TEAM & DRIVERS CHAMPION

2019 – Michelin Le Mans Cup : Paul Ricard ( Marzio Moretti, JM Littman: DNF-crash)

2019 – Asian Le Mans Series for R24 Team : Buriram (Stephane Kox, Marie Iwaoka: P7) Sepang (Margot Laffite, Katherine Legge, Michelle Gatting: P8)

2018 – Road to Le Mans: Mikkel Jensen, Kay van Berlo (Le Mans Pole, P1, P6)

2018 – European Le Mans Series LMP3:
Giorgio Mondini, Kay van Berlo (Paul Ricard P3, Monza P1, Red Bull Ring P7, Silverstone P16) Mattia Drudi, Kay van Berlo, Giorgio Mondini (Spa P13), Giorgio Mondini, Kay Van Berlo, Portimao DNF/crash)
Andrea Dromedari, Max Hanratty, James Dayson (Paul Ricard P14, Monza DNS/crash, Red Bull Ring P12) Andrea Dromedari, Mattia Drudi (Silverstone, Pole, P10). Andrea Dromedari, James Dayson (Spa P14), Luca Demarchi, James Dayson, Vadim Meshcheriakov (Portimao P12)

2018 – Formula J K Tyre India Championship: 4 Rounds/12 Races/ 12 Euro JK 18 cars

2018 – Asia Le Mans Series for R24 Team: Shanghai (Stephane Kox, Sarah Bovy, Marie Iwaoka: P7), Fuji (Marie Iwaoka, Sayaka Sato: P7)

2017 – Misano 3H ECC: Raffaele Marciello, Marco Zanasi, Yoshi Oshimura (P1, Pole)

2017 – Road To Le Mans: Ricky Capo, Andrea Dromedari (P15, DNF). Mark Kvamme, Alex Popow ( P19, DNF)

2017 – Portimao 6H VdeV: Yoshi Oshimura, T. Loeffland, M.Grab (DNF)

2017 – European Le Mans Series LMP3:
Giorgio Mondini, Davide Uboldi (Silverstone DNF, Monza P5, Red Bull Ring P1)
Giorgio Mondini, Marco Jacoboni (Paul Ricard P4, Spa DNF)
Giorgio Mondini, Andrea Dromedari (Portimao P9)
Andrea Dromedari, Max Harnatty, Maxime Pialat (Silverstone P12, Monza P12)
Andrea Dromedari, Ricky Capo, James Dayson (Red Bull Ring DNF)
Andrea Dromedari, Ricky Capo, Max Harnatty (Paul Ricard P8, Spa P11)
Ricky Capo, Max Harnatty, James Dayson (Portimao DNF)

2017 – Formula JK Tyre India Championship: 4 Rounds/12 Races/ 12 Euro JK 17 cars

2022 – European Le Mans Series LMP3 : Paul Ricard ( Glenn van Berlo, Xavier Lloveras ,Tom Cloet): P4, Imola ( Glenn van Berlo, Xavier Lloveras, Adrien Chila ) : DNF/Crash, Monza ( Glenn Van Berlo, Xavier Lloveras, Adrien Chila): NC/P1, Barcelona ( Glenn van Berlo, Xavier Lloveras, Freddie Hunt): P5, Spa (Xavier Lloveras, Miguel Cristovao) P10, Portimao ( Xavier Lloveras, Miguel Cristovao) P9- Paul Ricard :Marcos Siebert, Max Koebolt, Adrien Chila : DNF, Imola ( Max Koebolt, Jerome De Sadeleer : P7, Monza ( Max Koebolt, Jerome De Sadeleer : P3.Barcelona ( Max Koebolt, Jerome De Sadeleer, Louis Rousset: P7. Spa ( Max Koebolt, Jerome de Sadeleer, Santiago Concepcion) P6, Portimao ( Max Koebolt, Jerome de Sadeleer ) DNS Jerome De Sadeeler injuried before race start.

2022 – Ligier European Series JSP4 : Paul Ricard ( Andrea Dromedari, Jacopo Faccioni ) : DNF, Imola ( Andrea Dromedari, Jacopo Faccioni ): P7 / DNF, Le Mans ( Jacopo Faccioni, Yuki Tanaka) DNF / DNF, Monza ( Jacopo Faccioni) P6 /DNF

2022 – Ligier JS53 Evo 2 E: Russian Endurance Series: Igora Drive ( Roman Rusinov, Daniil Kvyat ) P1, Pole

2021 – European Le Mans Series LMP3: Paul Ricard ( Andrea Dromedari, Jacopo Baratto, Joey Alders : P10), Red Bull Ring ( Andrea Dromedari, Cem Bolukbasi, Joey Alders : P2), Barcelona ( Andrea Dromedari, Mateusz Kapryzk, Joey Alders : P11),Paul Ricard ( Andrea Dromedari, Jacopo Baratto, Joey Alders : P10), Monza ( Andrea Dromedari, Jacopo Baratto, Joey Alders: Crash/DNS), Spa ( Andrea Dromedari, Jacopo Baratto, Joey Alders: P11), Portimao ( Mattia Drudi, Antoine Doquin, Finn Gehrsitz: P7)

2021 – Asian Le Mans Series LMP2-Am: Phil Mulacek, John Corbett, Neale Muston (Dubai – P2, DNF)

2020 – Asian Le Mans Series P2 Am for RWR Team: The Bend (Cody Ware, Gustas Grinbergas: P1 – Guy Cosmo, Anthony Lazzaro: P2), Sepang (Cody Ware, Gustas Grinbergas: P1 – Guy Cosmo, Anthony Lazzaro, Phil Mulacek: Pole & NC), Buriram (Cody Ware, Gustas Grinbergas: P2 – Guy Cosmo, Anthony Lazzaro, Phil Mulacek: Pole & P1) – TEAM & DRIVERS CHAMPION.

2020 – Ligier European Series for HP Racing: Andrea Dromedari; Spa-Francorchamps (P3, P3), Paul Ricard (P1, P1), Monza (P2, P2), Portimao (P2, P2) – TEAM & DRIVER CHAMPIONS OVERALL AND JSP4 CATEGORY.

2020 – European Le Mans Series (LMP3): Paul Ricard (Niko Kari, Thomas Erdos: P6), Spa-Francorchamps (Niko Kari, Thomas Erdos, Andreas Laskarotos: P3), Paul Ricard 240 (Niko Kari, Nicolas Maulini, Jacopo Baratto: P7), Monza (Niko Kari, Nicolas Maulini, Jacopo Baratto: P2), Portimao (Niko Kari, Nicolas Maulini, Jacopo Baratto: P6).

2020 – Road To Le Mans: Niko Kari, François Heriau (DQS).

2020 – Le Mans 24H: Adrien Tambay, Erik Maris, Christophe d’Ansembourg (DNF).

2023 – European Le Mans Series LMP3:Barcelona ( Glenn van Berlo, Nick Moss) DNF, ( Adam Ali,Matt R. Bell ) P4, Paul Ricard ( Glenn van Berlo, Matthias Luethen) P10, ( Adam Ali, Matt R. Bell) P7, Aragon ( Glenn van Berlo, Matthias Luethen ) DNF-Crash, (Adam Ali, Matt R. Bell) P5, Spa ( Glenn van Berlo, Francois Heriau ) DNF-Crash, ( Adam Ali, Matt R. Bell) P3.  Algarve ( Adam Ali, Matt R. Bell) , Portimao ( Adam Ali, Matt R. Bell) P1. Teams & Drivers Championship: P2