FIA F3 European Championship

Eurointernational announces that German GP3 Series star Marvin Kirchhöfer will partner Nicolas Beer in the FIA European Formula 3 Championship during 2015.

Twenty-year-old Kirchhöfer is expected to continue in GP3 in 2015 alongside his F3 commitments, and will return to Formula 3 series full-time since winning the German F3 title back in 2013.

Kirchhöfer raced for ART Grand Prix in GP3 in 2014, winning once and finishing third in the championship, and is expected to remain with the French squad for a second season. In case GP3 and FIA F3 will have an event in the same weekend, Kirchhöfer will race in the first one.

Beer was expected to race for the team in the ADAC Formel 3 championship in 2015 but the series was cancelled due to a lack of interest, so moves to Eurointernational’s European Formula 3 team instead.

The 18 years old danish driver did his debut with the team in German F3 in 2014, having started the season in BRDC F4, but pulled out of that series after just four rounds.

Eurointernational ran Michele Beretta full-time in 2015, with Riccardo Agostini, Santino Ferrucci, Sergio Sette Camara and Stefano Coletti as part-time drivers. Coletti also raced for the team in the Macau Grand Prix last November.

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